“Efficiency Safety =RiskReward”

Our Philosophy on Quality, Efficiency and Safety

When you include all three in your Project plan you get the highest quality of work,  less down time, save money and keep your assets safe.  Contact us for our Circle of QES.

Industry Training

Though many employees in the industry graduate from College with degrees in Geology, they may never have stepped foot on a boat or worked with the lines deploying and retrieving them safely.  The hands on aspect of off shore seismology is more often a hands on experience learned at the expense of the client through lost data, unproductive time and potentially deadly safety issues.  The Oil and Gas industry has learned the hard way how one unsafe act can cost lives, kill marine life and cost huge amounts of money.  Once and employee is sent off shore on their first job the cost to remove them and and or re-staff them can be in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.   Though the rules for Off shore work are less regulated than onshore work its often the most dangerous location for a green person to learn there job.


Every new Job off shore comes with a huge learning curve.  The Boat is new, the location, time changes, Sleeping accommodations, Cuisine,Travel to the point of sail could take days,  hours of operation.  All of these are increased risk factors to keeping your job sites and your employees safe.


The learning curve

Fortunately with the internet and online schools virtual training could help even the playing field.  Giving new employees the opportunity to see what its like without putting lives or equipment at risk. Weeding out people who may not be a good fit for this type of work.  When employees go months with no off shore work you have an increased risk on your job site.  Investing up front in your future employees sets them up for success and your company.  It also Sets your job up for success.  The smoother it goes infant of the client the happier they will be with your product and professionalism.

Types of Training

  • Classroom,
  • Online,
  • Virtual,
  • In Person mentoring
  • 3 day offshore training on a real surveying vessel offered for small groups.